May I have a lake to bring home, please?

by miobrev


May I have a lake, please?

May I have a special one,

yes that one over there,

with the swans trying to lift

and the noises from the big, flapping wings.

Thank you.


May I have some colours too, please?

The green, of course, and

the dark, dark velvet-one, the two-a’clock-in-the-morning-swim-one.

And then the colour that appears just when the sun rises,

the golden peach, please.


Aaand… Why not?

MIST! Lots and lots of mist just above the water surface,

sneaking, sweeping, seducing on the treshold

in between night and day.


Yeeeah that’s right,

I want it all!


And the water, I almost forgot,

please fill it with fishes.

Thousands and thousands of them

playing around peoples legs while swimming.

Eh, small ones, just small ones, please.


That’s great!


Some cows to go with this to, I belive.

Some cows walking on the hill in between the woods.

Oh, did’nt I mention the wood? I need some trees too.



Why not some flowers?

Right there, where the water meets the sandy ground.

Fragil yellow water lilies.

No, no, no stop it, not everywhere,

we are not talking about rhododendron here, right?

Just over there.





I think this is it.

No, thank you, I don’t need help,

I’ll just carry it all here,

inside of me.